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Published:December 3rd, 2010 13:48 EST
Cancer is a Man Made Disease - Do More to Prevent It

Cancer is a Man Made Disease - Do More to Prevent It

By Inactive Writer

Let`s face it, nobody likes cancer. More importantly, no one really likes to take responsibility for their actions. While cancer is a very harrowing, unfortunate affliction, scientists have recently proven that it is in fact a man-made disease. Researchers studying mummified, ancient bodies found one single case of cancer in the tissue of hundreds of ancient corpses.


That may be an obvious statement - there`s absolutely nothing in nature that could cause cancer. In 1710, you could take a swim in the Gulf of Mexico and emerge cancer-free. in 2010, you may as well be swimming with a lead vest on. In fact, there are a whole slew of modern things that are feared to cause cancer, and none of them look good when compared with America`s culture. These are the things that cause cancer to be man-made, and many of these things we`re likely to willfully deny, irrespective of the logic. However, many of these studies have conflicting reports, doubters and skeptics - even worse for us, these people on both sides are educated in the field of medicine and/or scientists. Let`s begin with obesity.

Obesity is not a disease. Obesity is the result of complacency with a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet choices - logic tells us this. Logic also tells us that modern technology and convenience makes this a hell of a lot more likely than it was in ancient times. You couldn`t just pull into a McDonald`s on your way home from the strip club then. According to, 14 percent of deaths from cancer in men and 20 percent of deaths in women were due to overweight and obesity. Another statistic to choke down - about 11,000 to 18,000 deaths per year from breast cancer in U.S. women over age 50 might be avoided if women could maintain a BMI under 25 throughout their adult lives. Now, these statistics are all good and well, but there may be a correlation to something else that could fill one`s insides with cancer: Pharmaceuticals.

Obesity is linked to many maladies, such as high blood pressure. Bad news for these people, because a report in July showed a small increase in the likelihood of cancer - 1.2 percent - in people using angiotensin-receptor blockers. While the study from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in Cleveland with people taking telmisartan revealed that the risk was modest, it doesn`t fit in well with the overall 41 percent risk people face over their lifetime. However, this is where I start becoming suspicious. In 2008, Vytorin, a cholesterol-lowering drug,  was berated by some due to a study showing that it could cause cancer. Now, we know obesity and cholesterol levels are linked - shovel in all that greasy fast food which is rich in cholesterol and eventually you`ll need to lower it. The study that linked Vytorin to cancer, however, was debunked. In fact, the Zetia in Vytorin contains sterols, which show anti-cancer effects in animals.

So, a study comes out that shows a drug causes cancer, and another one comes out that says it`s complete BS - who do we believe? Both sides are scientists and  know a hell of a lot more than the average people - you and me. And who knows - if these people spent more time researching a cure, we`d be better off. On the other side of the coin, these drug companies making these beneficial drugs obviously put a lot of time into making sure something like cancer isn`t an effect - would they really let it slip in?

With all of these conflicting reports, is there anything that can conclusively prove that cancer is a modern, man-made thing? Well, one Dr. Joseph Mercola thinks so, and even this famous doctor knows that a little research around the usual media-hyped reports can benefit the masses. People that have cancer are given many drugs to ease the affliction, but they could have saved themselves from the disease in the first place. Deaths from cancer doubled over the last 30 years of the 20th century, and they are on pace to TRIPLE by 2030. This tells us that preventative measures are rarely taken, and the miracle of modern medicine is relied upon too heavily.

So why not increase your level of vitamin D? Vitamin D has been proven as an effective combatant of cancer cells, helps mutated cells destroy themselves, and causes cells to become differentiated - cancer cells lack this. Even playing in the sun can increase the amount of vitamin D in your skin, which can stave off skin cancer. Mercola points out that forgetting cancer, low levels of the D stuff increases your risk of dying from anything by a whopping 150 percent.

What about insulin? More insulin is produced by the pancreas after eating carbohydrates, and an often-overlooked study by Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg shows that cancer cells love sugar. Exercising more regularly, cutting out processed foods and limiting grain intake can lower your insulin level and starve cancer cells of sugary goodness.

As far as breast cancer goes, regular mammograms are good and well. However, studies have shown that routine mammograms can expose the patient to five rads over 10 years - equivalent to a woman one mile away from the epicenter of the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Solution? Opt for 
thermographic breast screening - an option that can detect breast cancer up to 10 years earlier than conventional methods and emits no ionizing radiation.

So, with a little bit of work, you can prevent cancer before you have to be filled up with drugs and become another statistic. Isn`t that convenient? Why concern yourself with all of the studies and contradicting reports, when you can simply lead a healthier lifestyle and not have to worry about it?

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