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Published:December 3rd, 2010 14:05 EST
sarah palin

Would Sarah Palin Fail A Literacy Test? Geography Test? You Betcha!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A television clown elected to Brazil`s congress can take up his lawmaker duties after barely passing a literacy test, the judge overseeing the exam said Wednesday.

sarah palin

Francisco Oliveira, a 45-year-old comic better known by his stage name Tiririca, demonstrated `a minimum of intellect concerning the content (of a text) despite difficulties in writing,` the Sao Paulo regional electoral court judge, Aloisio Sergio Rezende Silveira, said.

That result sufficiently disproved critics who had claimed Oliveira could neither read nor write as required of a member of congress under Brazil`s constitution, according to the judge.

Oliveira was elected as a Sao Paulo federal representative in October 3 legislative polls with 1.3 million ballots -- the most of any of candidate across the country." AFP

You betcha that only hardcore Sarah Palin supporters will refudiate my claim that she wouldn`t be able to pass a literacy test. The former half-term governor of Alaska may be able to see Russia from her porch, but she can`t spell "Russia."

Palin is the American equivalent of Francisco Oliveira, she`s a clown who has demonstrated a minimum of intellect concerning the important political issues of the day.

Sarah Palin and her brood are taking over the realm of reality TV: Palin has her own reality show, Bristol was a contestant on DWTS, and now there`s talk Todd may be a contestant on DWTS as well.

If Palin wins the presidency don`t be surprised if we see a reality show based in the White House. What an insane world we live in!

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