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Published:December 4th, 2010 11:43 EST
girl power

Latest Internet Fad: Changing Facebook Profile Pic To Cartoon Character

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Facebook users the world over are changing their profile pictures to cartoons from their youth as part of a trend a U.S. Web site says began in mid-November.

girl power

Know Your Meme, a Web site base in New York, said the trend began in Greece and Cyprus in mid-November and eventually spread globally, ABC News reported Friday.

The Web site said the meme -- a recurring Internet fad -- eventually took on the meaning of fighting child abuse, similar to previous awareness campaigns involving women posting their bra colors to raise awareness for breast cancer. However, analysts said it was unclear when the child abuse message was added to the fad."


I like this new fad, a profile image of Daffy Duck will elicit more friend requests than my mug shot. If I posted a photo of myself on Facebook, I would probably lose the few friends I have.

A word of unsolicited advice for my friends: You also might get more Facebook friends and invitations to hook-up if you change your Facebook photograph to Bart Simpson or one of the Powder Puff Girls. I would hook up with any girl who used a Powder Puff Girl for their Facebook pic, and I would knock boots with her even if she looked like Whitney Houston on crack. That`s how much I love the Powder Puff chicks.

I`m getting nostalgic thinking of my cartoon characters from my childhood: Popeye, Daffy Duck, Mickey Mouse, and my favorite Buggs Bunny. I need to get with the program and make Buggs Bunny my Facebook profile pic.

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