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Published:December 4th, 2010 11:17 EST

Obama's Secret Trip To Afghanistan: An Epic Disaster

By Robert Paul Reyes

The war in Afghanistan enriches Halliburton and other defense contractors, and it affords the weak and ineffectual Obama an opportunity to play commander-in chief. We are paying a stiff price for Obama`s folly in American lives and a tarnished reputation abroad.


Yesterday Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan, just ten days before he is to address the American public about a new review of US strategy to defeat the Taliban and strengthen the Karzai administration.

What a farce, the Taliban is resurgent and the corrupt "President" Karzai is better known as the mayor of Kabul because his authority ends at the borders of the capital.

Obama was also seeking to mend fences with Karzai, the Wikileaks documents reveal that American political leaders and state department employees have no respect for the President of Afghanistan.

Obama`s expensive photo-up turned out to be a fiasco. The grand plan was to fly the commander-in-chief by helicopter to meet with Karzai at the presidential palace, but foul weather grounded Obama`s helicopter. The White House brain trust then tried to connect the two leaders by videoconference, but technical difficulties squelched that plan. The two clueless leaders ended up speaking telephone for about 15 minutes.

Obama could have saved American taxpayers over a million dollars, by calling Karzai from the Oval Office. A photo-up in Afghanistan isn`t going to make Obama look like a wise and brave commander-in-chief, and it`s not going to change the American public`s mind that the Afghanistan war is an unethical, pointless and illegal endeavor.

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