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Published:December 4th, 2010 12:16 EST

Restaurant Owner Poisons Pigeons! Animal Lovers Outraged!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Frequenters of a Florida fishing pier near a restaurant where an estimated 50 pigeons were killed with poisoned bait said the act was `disgusting.`


Noel Hackelberg, who frequents the Venice Fishing Pier in Sarasota County, said birds were `flopping around falling into the water` Monday after a pest control company hired by nearby restaurant Sharky`s put out poison to rid the eatery of its avian problem, WWSB-TV, Sarasota, Fla., reported Friday." UPI

Pigeons are god`s creatures, and they have as much right to live as the patrons of Sharky`s restaurant. The owner of Sharky`s should have been able to come up with a more humane solution to his avian problem.

The manager of the restaurant, Justin Pachota, claims the restaurant tried several methods of pigeon control before resorting to brutally killing the birds. Pachota claims he received many complaints from his customers about the birds, just wait until he hears from animal lovers.

If I lived in Sarasota County, I would avoid this eatery like the plague. Kids who witnessed the birds flopping around and falling into the water were traumatized. I would hate to be the parent who explains to a small child that the birds didn`t have to die in such a gruesome manner, that they were killed by an evil man.

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