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Published:December 4th, 2010 13:48 EST
store clerk

Store Clerk Fired For Trying To Be A Hero!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Florida store clerk said he was suspended from work the day he chased a robber from his store and fired a few days later.

store clerk

Jacksonville Police said Keith Ireland, 56, struggled with the robber during the late October incident at the Hess Market and chased the suspect as he fled with the cash register, The (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union reported Friday.

Assistant State Attorney Rich Mantei said the partial license plate number taken down by Ireland led to the arrest of Jamie Butterman, 28, and the retrieval of the cash register containing $274.82."


I would advice a store clerk who is barely making over the minimum wage and probably doesn`t have health insurance coverage not to follow Ireland`s foolish example.

Had Ireland been injured by the robber he would not have qualified for worker`s compensation insurance, leaving the work area and chasing after a robber isn`t in his job description.

The store owner was justified in firing Ireland, he is sending a clear message to his clerks: Don`t be a hero, hand over the money to any robber.

Ireland is too old to be playing cops and robbers, hopefully he has learned his lesson.

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