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Published:December 6th, 2010 13:12 EST

Barbie Video Girl: The Most Dangerous Doll In The World?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Mattel`s Barbie doll is now wired. Literally.

The new Barbie Video Girl, which retails for just over $100, has a built-in camera in the doll`s necklace and an LCD screen on her back. The doll also comes equipped with a USB cable that enables you to transfer video recordings to your home computer and then online to YouTube or Facebook.


Not surprisingly, some are calling for a ban on Barbie Video Girl because of the potential that children will post online videos which infringe their privacy. Should we ban Barbie Video Girl? If so, should we ban all children`s toys with cameras?"

This is the worst idea since somebody convinced William Shatner to release a CD of his favorite songs.

Little girls will have no trouble mastering the technology of using the video camera, and how to post their homemade videos online. But a small child doesn`t have the wisdom to know that some things shouldn`t be posted online. A young girl may post a short clip of her and her friends horsing around in their pajamas, but that innocent video may entice a pedophile to take an interest in her.

A girl who still plays with Barbie is too young to own a video camera. Any mother who gives the new Barbie Video Girl to her daughter is an idiot, plain and simple.

It`s not just this humble blogger who is urging parents to kick Barbie Video Girl to the curb -- the FBI has warned parents that the new Barbie doll may be exploited by pedophiles.

Send an email to Mattel, the manufacture of Barbie, asking them not to sell Barbie Video Girl. If they don`t listen to your complaint, don`t buy any Mattel toys.

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