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Published:December 8th, 2010 17:57 EST

Baptist Church Web Site Lists Grinch Businesses That Don't Have Xmas Spirit!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Dallas church has created a `Grinch Alert` Web site for users to report businesses refusing to acknowledge the upcoming Christmas holiday.


The Rev. Robert Jeffress of the First Baptist Church of Dallas said the Web site,, allows people to post names on a `naughty list` of businesses leaving Christmas out of its displays, advertising and customer greetings, The Dallas Morning News reported Wednesday.


Evangelical Christians complain that there is a war against Christians, but this Baptist minister is engaged in a war against pluralism. Not every business has the words "Merry Christmas" on its displays and advertising circulars, but almost every business has a Santa or other symbol to denote the Holiday Season. 

This Baptist Church shouldn`t be in the business of stigmatizing businesses that leave the word "Christmas" out of their displays. Why should a Muslim, Jewish or agnostic business owner be intimidated into acknowledging Jesus Christ?

The Rev. Jeffress is a Scrooge who is taking all the fun out of Christmas. The citizens of Dallas should go out of their way to patronize stores that are on the naughty list as an expression of their support for cultural diversity. 

The church`s Web site also includes a "nice" section for business who have the Christmas spirit. A business with absolutely no Christmas decorations can exhibit the Christmas spirit by treating their customers with respect and selling their products at a fair price. 

The First Baptist Church of Dallas belongs on the naughty list.

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