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Published:December 9th, 2010 21:14 EST
Will Says...I'd Rather Have a WikiLeak Than Trickle Down Economics

Will Says...I'd Rather Have a WikiLeak Than Trickle Down Economics

By Will Roberts

Well, it would seem that for now the gaping hole we call WikiLeaks has been plugged. But like any other badly damaged pipeline, the fix may only be temporary.

It`s amazing how many folk (politicians) came to the rescue to fix this torrential downpour of leaked information. This one man (Julian Assange) has made politicians all over the world run for cover like it was the day after an election they all won and they were caught at the Mustang Ranch in a raid, with their pants down.  Thing is, as much as I don`t agree with Julian Assange`s tactics for freedom of speech. I will say that he is pretty good at a spring cleaning.

Also, secrets are a funny thing; they are like rumors; no one cares about them unless they are true and when they are everyone wants to hear them and no one wants to admit them.

People will go to great lengths to shut this type of leakers up, especially politicians. See, they like to be in control of scandals. They are used to being the ones that have the secrets they can use against each other. You know, to use during certain times of the "Election" year.

Now don`t get me wrong, as a cowboy we take folks like Julian Assange out to the local tree and hang "um! But it might take a while to get around to that this time, seeing that there are a few other folks in front of him that should face the noose; meaning the people he is leaking on.

Just yesterday Mr. Assange showed us that crime does not pay and that goes for the folks that process credit card payments as well, meaning MasterCard.  Although Julian Assange was detained, sealed up somewhere, not leaking, or so we thought;  he holds true to his very nature as a leaker and got the message out to have his thousand of hacker pals to take down the credit card company MasterCard. Which only means one thing; they are not really masters of their domain, merely renting the cyber space.

Now, there is many ways to look at this; some think he is a defender of truth and I guess with that sometimes you gotta lie to get the truth to be known. Some call him a pirate, one ship at a time, and taking no prisoners. And I say he is just a guy who figured out how to beat politicians at their own game, Politics!  Knowing something the everyday folks don`t, and keeping it in their back pocket for the right time when it serves them right.

Does this type of information serve the public? Who knows? I think it makes folks even more skeptical about people than they need to be.  After all, some things you just don`t need to know. Like, what`s in your parents` drawers, walking in on someone in the bathroom with someone in there with them, of the same sex, folks` deep dark secrets.

I know, you`re thinking, but Will, some of this stuff our leaders are doing is dishonest! " Folks, if you are just learning that now about our world leaders then you need to check out two books from the library, one on history of the world and one on Hollywood. Wikileaks is just more fun because they skipped all the boring stuff and got right to the meat! Plus you won`t get in trouble for loaning it to a friend.

One word of advice I have for our world leaders STOP SAVING TREES! Get a box and keep all your files there. Also, get an extra mattress and keep our money there. Two things you can`t trust these days, computers, banks and well ... BANKS!

The hackers say they are shutting down websites in the name of freedom of speech! However, freedom of speech means every once in a while it`s only fair that you listen as well!

Your Friend,

 Will Roberts


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