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Published:December 12th, 2010 00:29 EST
burger king

20-Year-Old Burger King Employee Kills 67-Year-Old Customer

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Employees inside the Burger King on Gratiot Avenue near St. Aubin are not talking after witnessing an exchange of words that led to a deadly confrontation.

burger king

Police said a 20-year-old employee began fighting with a 67-year-old customer. It is not clear why the argument started, but we know how it ended.

According to police, the employee punched the elderly customer causing him to fall. An emergency crew rushed him to the hospital, but he died.

Police said there is a chance the blow caused the man to choke on his dentures, but the medical examiner is in the process of determining what exactly killed him." Read More

Employees at the Burger King aren`t talking, but I can piece together what happened:

Old Dude: I want two Double Whoppers, buns and condiments only - hold the burger patties.

Young Coward: Listen gramps, I`ve been flipping burgers all day. Just tell me what you really want.

Old Dude: That`s what I really want; with my dentures I can`t chew the spongy Whoppers. And don`t call me gramps, you young punk.

Young Coward: You won`t even be able to chew the buns by the time I get through with you.

Poor old man, he simply wanted things his way, but instead he got his lights punched out for good.

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