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Published:December 11th, 2010 14:05 EST
remote control

Robber Points Gun At Grocery Owner, He Points Remote And Bad Guy Runs!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Leavenworth police say a would-be robber apparently didn`t know the difference between a remote control and a gun.

remote control

Police Maj. Robert Smith says a man entered Eddie`s Grocery in Leavenworth on Tuesday, pointed a gun at the owner and announced he was robbing the place.

But the owner aimed a remote control at the robber and told him to leave. The suspect took off. Smith says he apparently believed the remote control was a gun."

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If the would-be-robber took off running at the sight of a remote control pointed at him, he probably would have wet his drawers if the owner had brandished a gun.

Maybe the hapless robber thought the owner was holding a stun gun or a laser death gun. In any event the dude needs to find a profession more suited for his cowardly nature -- maybe he could make a living as a marshmallow salesman.

I like the comment a reader left at the KansasCity.Com Web site: . Was he the village idiot riding to the robbery on a girl`s bike with a big wire basket in the front?

Most people are wondering, "What was the robber thinking", but I`m also contemplating, "What the heck was the owner thinking." What made him believe that a remote control would trump a gun?

The wannabe robber was later arrested by the police, and he readily confessed.

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