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Published:December 12th, 2010 10:20 EST
Sterger Not Giving Up so Fast in Ongoing Case Against Brett Favre

Sterger Not Giving Up so Fast in Ongoing Case Against Brett Favre

By Ron G Anselm

Jenn Sterger the former buxom New York Jets sideline reporter that accused Brett Favre of sexual allegations and inappropriate behavior for an NFL player has finally said she will not sue the NFL if Favre is disciplined. She is stating that if the NFL suspends Favre she will basically droppe the case.

On that note, Favre has had one of his worst seasons if not the worst season this year for the Vikings. I think he probably has thrown more interceptions this year than the amount of total jobs lost due to the recession. Whether he is suspended or not, it probably won`t matter anyway for the Vikings because I doubt they are going anywhere this year after the season ends except back to the golf course in the offseason.

Sterger`s Manager, Phil Reese made a comment on the Dan Patrick show and said, If the NFL commissioner suspends Favre and puts him in a  program to make sure this doesn`t happen again "100 percent "Jenn would not pursue any litigation against Favre, against the Jets,  or against anybody " (Reese, 2010)

Also, Sterger said that Favre`s agent tried to pay her off in the beginning of this mess before the first story appeared a few months ago in Spin Magazine. She commented and said Favre`s agent said, Is there a specific figure you had in mind to make this go away? " ( 2010) but no eveidence on this has yet been proven to be true.

Resses also stated that Sterger would like to see the NFL implement a program that focuses on preventing unwanted advances against women working in the league. Maybe a good idea for the NFL to consider this for the future.

Sterger`s attorney received word form commissioner Roger Goodell that the investigation is now over but no more news of what is going to be done to Favre if anything. Favre has already repeatedly said recently that after the season is over he is planning to retire. From what I have seen and how is body is reacting to the hits by defensive players that weigh more than a small pick-up truck, yes it is time as John Madden said when he retired, those famous words, It`s Time " and it is definitely time for Favre to retire.



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