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Published:December 12th, 2010 23:19 EST
"Sword of Justice" on YouTube

"Sword of Justice" on YouTube

By Garrett Godwin

Created Glen A. Larson, Sword of Justice was a short-lived, contemporary version of The Count of Monte Cristo that lasted nine episodes on NBC from 1978-79 with late daytime and primetime soap alumni Dack Rambo (All My Children, Dallas, Another World) as Jack Cole. 

Now, those of two episodes can be found on YouTube:

"A Double Life" (9.10.78): Framed by his family`s enemies and sentenced to prison, Cole finds an ally in Hector Ramirez (Bert Rosario), as he starts his learning of the criminal trade.  After three years, he is released and goes after the people that took those "3" years of his life -- in diamonds (money and power), hearts (mercy and compassion), and spades (justice and retribution).

"Blackjack" (7.11.79): In order to take down both a crooked union leader and the mob, Cole sets out to break the bank of a corrupt casino.

The character Jack Cole has the characteristics of Bruce Wayne/Batman and Robin Hood, and is the predecessor to Michael Knight of Knight Rider: handsome, wealthy playboy by day, vigilante crime-fighter by night, defender of the weak, and crusading loner championing the cause of the innocent, the helpless, and the powerless in a world of criminals that operates above the law.

Beware of the Sword of Justice on YouTube.