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Published:December 12th, 2010 12:07 EST

Wash. Prisons Seeking To Save Money By Buying Shorter Socks

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Employees at the Washington State Department of Corrections came up with some creative cost-saving measures to help the agency reduce its across-the-board spending by nearly $53 million before July 1, 2011, which is the end of its two-year budget cycle.


Among some of the proposals:

*Purchasing shorter socks for inmates expected to save $22,000 per year.
* Doing away with juice fountains in prisons and offering juice packets instead would save an estimated $120,000 per year.
* Decreasing the number of trash can liners purchased by 40 percent could reduce costs by $220,000 per year."

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Hardworking law-abiding citizens are tightening their belts in these hard economic times; it`s only fair that convicts who are a major financial drain on society should be forced to do the same.

The Washington Department of Corrections has come up with some fine proposals, but I hope they will consider mine as well:

*Have the convicts make purple thongs for their own use, the savings would be enormous.

*How about no juice at all? Many working poor can only afford Wal-Mart brands of soda pops, nevermind juice of any kind.

*No cable TV! I know several friends who have canceled their cable and satellite subscriptions to save money, why should lawbreakers be living large?

*How about no trash can liners? Put a few convicts on trash can duty, they can lick the trash cans clean.

*How about no socks and no shoes? Prisoners don`t need any freakin` socks or shoes, it`s not like they need shoes to go out for dinner or attend their children`s graduation.

*No bras for female inmates! Sagging breasts is the price they will pay for breaking the law.

*No cutlery! A lot of them behave like animals, treat them like animals.

Think of the savings if the Washington Department of Corrections adopts my recommendations.

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