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Published:December 14th, 2010 13:38 EST

Survey Shows Mistresses Get Better Gifts

By Robert Paul Reyes

"American men spend twice as much on their mistresses during the holidays as they do on their wives, a survey reveals.


And the survey by an outfit purporting to be an `infidelity service,`, says the No. 1 gift cheaters are buying this year for that little something on the side is jewelry. Lingerie and time at a day spa also are high on the list."


Men spend twice as much on their mistresses because they take their wives for granted. A cheater has the mindset that his wife isn`t going to leave him, and he doesn`t have to bribe her with jewelry and lingerie.

Mistresses may be under the impression that their married lovers really care about them, but the fact that they receive lingerie and jewelry from them indicates that men perceive mistresses only in sexual terms.

Dude, having a mistress may bring an element of excitement and danger to your mundane life, but your wife isn`t just a lover, she`s a mother, a shoulder to lean on, and a companion.

Cheaters do the right thing and dump your mistress, and treat your wife like a mistress by buying her jewelry and lingerie for Christmas.

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