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Published:December 15th, 2010 16:28 EST
Knight Rider 2010 Review

Knight Rider 2010 Review

By Garrett Godwin

Like Vanishing Son, Knight Rider 2010 was part of the Universal Action Pack as a two-hour movie in 1994.  Produced by Rob Cohen, the movie followed Jake McQueen (Richard Joseph Paul), a fugitive smuggler in a deserted future who teams up his brother Will (Michael Beach, ER, Third Watch) to go after Robert Lee (Mark Pellegrino, Lost, Supernatural), the man responsible for the death of their father, and sets out to take down a organ theft operation from a corrupt corporation. 

Knight Rider 2010 was "an unrequited love story between man and his machine", whereas in this case, the love story of Jake and Hannah (Hudson Leick, Xena: Warrior Princess), who was reborn into cyberspace as the AI of Jake`s fully armored and elite classic Ford Mustang.

Though not connected with the original, Knight Rider 2010 had good ratings, but was not good enough to be picked up as a series due to mixed and lukewarm response from viewers -- including pure KR fans.

Had it been picked up as a series, Knight Rider 2010 would`ve been about the continuing adventures of Jake McQueen, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless -- offering his services as a protector, troubleshooter, or bounty hunter.  With the aid of Will, his friends, and Hannah, he defends towns and farmers that have no one on their side to fight the criminals and corrupt -- becoming the one man who can make a difference.  Meanwhile, he and Hannah strive to somewhat have a romantic relationship.

Though it would have been even better if Jake were somehow related to Michael Knight, the film was not bad.

Rating: ***