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Published:December 15th, 2010 17:02 EST

Naked Postal Worker Scares Female Office Worker

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Wisconsin mailman was arrested last week after he showed up to an office building naked, delivering a lot more than the mail.


The 52-year-old postal worker bared it all during a routine stop on his mail route in Milwaukee suburb Whitefish Bay, according to the Journal Sentinel.

The man claimed his Dec. 4 stunt was an attempt to cheer up a woman at the office who seemed `stressed out,` according to a police report obtained by the paper.

He said his antics were intended to `make her laugh.`"

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This postal worker is a bloomin` idiot, no stressed out woman is going to "cheer up" at the spectacle of a 52-year-old naked man. Although he might have been successful in his second goal of making her laugh, when he exposed his shortcomings to her.

I`d rather a postal worker go postal than deliver his mail in the nude. I hope all the office workers receive counseling for the psychological trauma they endured. Why is it always a dorky middle-aged man, and not a cute babe who pulls a stunt like this?

What did this clown tell the poor woman: Have I got a package for you!

The postal worker was arrested for lewd and lascivious conduct. I hope that while he`s in jail, his fellow jailbirds will have a special delivery for him.

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