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Published:December 16th, 2010 21:38 EST
sagging pants

Harlem Dude Invents Gadget To Prevent Pants From Sagging

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A New York man said he has invented the perfect fashion accessory designed to keep low-riding pants sagging at just the right level.

sagging pants

Andrew Lewis, 43, said his invention, which he calls `Subs,` fastens around the waist like a garter belt and holds onto the pants via expandable straps with clips at the end, the New York Daily News reported Thursday."


Even thugged-out rappers don`t like to look like a fool with their pants on the ground. This gadget just might be a hit in the urban community where it`s de rigueur to look like a clown with pants hanging half-way down your butt. 

But on second thought the morons who wear sagging pantaloons could care less how ridiculous they look. They might use the gadget as a slingshot, but they won`t use it to hold up their pants.

The inventor claims that sagging is a huge problem in his community (Harlem). It doesn`t speak very well for a community when sagging pants are an endemic problem. If it`s true that drooping trousers are a big problem in Harlem, that`s an excellent reason to stay the hell away from that part of New York City.

What we really need is a gadget that will pull a man`s pant up to his chest, Urkel looks less nerdy than a nincompoop with saggy pants.

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