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Published:December 16th, 2010 12:56 EST
frying pan

Old Lady Beats Hell Out Of Would-Be Rapist With Frying Pan!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Kansas man accused of trying to rape a 71-year-old woman was hospitalized for several days due to injuries the elderly woman inflicted with a frying pan.

frying pan

Investigators said Kevin Scott Funderburk, 25, was drunk when he approached the woman`s Hutchinson home Saturday morning and talked her into letting him inside by saying he was homeless and had nowhere else to seek shelter, The Hutchinson News reported Thursday.

Detective Sgt. John Moore said Funderburk attempted to hold the woman down and rape her, but she was able to break his grasp and defend herself.


At this time of the year many elderly feel lonely and neglected, their friends have passed away and their family live far away, and they don`t have anyone to visit them during the holidays.

Good Samaritans will brighten the lives of senior citizens by visiting them in nursing homes, and then there are the creeps who prey on the weak and elderly.

Thank goodness that the elderly lady had the presence of mind to grab a frying pan and beat Funderburk senseless. When the cops arrived they found the scumbag unconscious and lying in his own vomit.

Criminals convicted of sex crimes are despised by the other convicts, imagine how they will treat a man who tried to rape a 71-year-old lady.

May Funderburk rot in hell, and may the elderly woman find comfort in the love of her friends and family.

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