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Published:December 16th, 2010 09:49 EST
Why The Nobel Prize Is Not For Me

Why The Nobel Prize Is Not For Me

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

I have published six books in different genres, in five years. Two are humorous, one is in the religious - inspirational line, one is memoirs, one is my poetry collection, one is a novelette for a film. Although my books attract and satisfy many readers and I believe they are interesting, genuine, original and creative good reads, and although I anticipate to write in the future, a few children`s books; a critique of today`s civilisation; a book about the wonderful people I have known in my life and a delightful love story which happened in my life, which can be a popular film too, I do not feel I can any time get Nobel Prize in literature.

My reasoning is such:

a) I am not such a great author like many authors who received this prize. Even so many other great authors did not get this prize. Not all the great authors get the Nobel Prize - only a few of them do!

b) Today, people have little time left to read books. TV, Internet, many other activities in our urban life, take up all our time, we have very little time left to read books for pleasure.
Therefore my books are quite thin books - max 150 pages. They are to read in a short trip or in a plane or train journey or in a lonely week-end. Many authors who have won The Nobel Prize have written such thick books; one cannot imagine finishing them even by spending considerable time. I believe one winner has written as many as 60 thick books.

c) Although I am quite capable of writing genuine literature in different genres, be it humor or a romantic novel or a comprehensive critique of phenomena, or lovely poetry, I lack inspiration in my milieu. I am 70 years old, far away from my true friends in many countries (I lived in nine countries and finally settled in Stockholm - I don`t know why!) and Stockholm is an especially dry city for social contacts and social life which is essential for my getting inspired. You will ask why I don`t move to a place where I can find inspiration. The answers to this are many : I am not allowed  to fly due to my heart problem;  I don`t like carrying with me six months` supply of sixteen medicines which I use daily; in the hospital in Stockholm
I am known - all the doctors and nurses know me, as I was hospitalized seven times for my heart attacks and they know what I like to eat, when I take my medicines, that I am afraid
to have angiography or give blood and we have a terribly good time joking together if I need to be hospitalized. Besides, although I love train journeys, at my age they are quite tiring.

My apartment has all the comfort and the equipment I need to live and write - but comfort
and equipment do not provide the necessary inspiration. For me inspiration is to be with good friends and share good feelings and thoughts and stories with them. In Sweden people seem to like loneliness which is for me the antithesis of inspiration.

When I travel to Berlin, Vienna, Istanbul, Rome, Barcelona, Paris or Cambridge, MA, I have both my good friends there and I can meet new friends easily- everywhere, in the pubs, cafes, shops. Even if you don`t talk to people, to initiate a conversation, people talk to you. You meet people very easily in some countries. In Stockholm, I have lived for thirty six years and I have only twelve telephone numbers in my phone book: the numbers of the police, the hospital, my doctor, my dentist, the fire department, the social bureau, of an old Swedish friend who hardly hears, of a French friend who recently passed away, of my mother who bugs me quite often and of the housing company and of an Austrian and a Greek friend who live far away. I miss my close friends in Turkey, U.S.A., France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Spain, and Italy... I need their inspiration and the inspiration of the milieus in other countries. Once I asked a Swede in a Stockholm pub, why people don`t talk with one another in the pub and prefer to drink alone. He answered, "We go to the pub to drink. To talk, we go to psychiatrists!"
Well let it be! Not every good author is meant to receive the Nobel Prize. It is some kind of a lottery. I should be satisfied with my six published books in the U.S.A., two more to come in India soon, by Prakash Books, a leader in publishing, especially in such a world where criminal novels, sex books, books for cooking, self-help books, travel gyudes, puzzle books, books by the famous and old classics seem to attract the readers` attention- in which genres I have no interest.
Askin Ozcan is the author of SMALL MIRACLES , WISDOM IN SMILE, THE SECOND VENICE,  STOCKHOLM STORIES, LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES, THE MINI-SUBMARINE which are available at 200 Internet bookshops including,,,,,,,,, under the name of the author.
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