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Published:December 19th, 2010 00:17 EST
israel jet

Israeli Air Force Doesn't Fool Around, Shoots Down UFO

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The Israeli Air Force shot down an unidentified flying object over the Dimona nuclear plant in the Negev Desert Thursday, the Israel Defense Forces said.

israel jet

The object appeared in a designated no-fly zone, the air force was scrambled and the object was shot down, the IDF said.

The object could have been a party balloon, the IDF said, but forces have not yet found the debris to determine what it was.

There have been unconfirmed media reports that it was a motor-driven object. The air force reacted according to procedure when the object was spotted, the IDF said." CNN

If a UFO landed in the White House Rose Garden, and its extraterrestrial crew reacted with violence to the Secret Service agents who surrounded the spacecraft, President Obama would invite his protectors and the aliens inside for a beer summit.

The Israelis can`t afford to take any chances; they are surrounded by implacable enemies. The unidentified flying object could have been a weather balloon, an extraterrestrial spaceship or a terrorist flying a hand glider.

If an alien race seeks to make peaceful contact with Earthlings, I`d suggest he stay the hell away from Israeli air space.

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