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Published:December 18th, 2010 12:06 EST

Sarah Palin: Oooh. Sorry I'm Not So Hoity-Toity! Say What, Girlfriend?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Oooh. Sorry that I`m not so hoity-toity,"
Sarah Palin

This was Sarah Palin`s brilliant comeback when Fox News TV talking head Bill O`Reily asked her about columnist`s Charles Krauthammer`s (no flaming liberal) criticism that her reality TV show isn`t burnishing her presidential image.


When Sarah Palin is confronted with a question that she is unwilling or intellectually unable to answer she responds with down-home non sequiturs: Mama Grizzlies, you betcha, at least I`m not palling around with terrorists...

If Sarah Palin thinks that clubbing a halibut to death, and palling around with reality show geeks like Kate Gosselin isn`t hurting her political aspirations she`s crazier than we thought.

Palin is insulated from reality, she doesn`t realize that what`s kosher in her nutty Tea Party world may be anathema to everyday folks.

My take? You go girl, one more season of your reality show will completely destroy your presidential aspirations.

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