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Published:December 21st, 2010 00:32 EST
hot mama

Does Anyone Dare Refudiate My Claim That Sarah Palin Is An Idiot?

By Robert Paul Reyes

Many evangelicals and conservatives are strong supporters of Sarah Palin, she had them at "You Bectcha." They consider her a wise and anointed leader who will lead them to the Promised Land of Milk, Honey, and Moose Meat Pie.

hot mama

But anybody with an IQ above room temperature realizes that Palin is a moron, plain and simple.

I feel silly making a case that the former governor of Alaska is intellectually-challenged, it`s akin to trying to convince someone that the sky is blue or that snow is white.

Most intellectuals of all political strips can`t hide their disdain for the reality star, and they make no secret they consider her a bloomin` idiot.

A few Republicans with presidential ambitions praise Palin as a smart and talented woman. We all know that they are lying -- they need Palin`s evangelical base to capture the Republican nomination.

Shaun Rein, of Forbes magazine, with a straight face, claims that Palin is misunderstood by the elites, and that`s she`s an intelligent woman.

"Palin is a demagogue, perhaps, but she absolutely is not stupid. How many people can connect with such large swaths of America? She is extremely savvy. She knows how to leverage the fear and anger many feel to build support for herself. She knows when to tweet and when to speak to the media.

For instance, she knew enough to denounce Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke for his "QE2" quantitative easing, which so many are against. That made her part of the debate, and, for her fan base, made her appear as if she knew what she was talking about." Read More

It doesn`t require intelligence to leverage fear. Palin has the dull intelligence of a predator, and she instinctively knows how to use fear to motivate her followers.

Rein is really reaching when he brings up Palin`s statement on QE2; the former beauty queen probably thought that the Fed`s QE2 monetary policy was a reference to the cruise ship of the same name. The handler who wrote Palin`s statement on quantitative easing must have had a difficult time convincing Palin QE2 had nothing to do with going on a cruise.

Shaun Rein may be a bright fellow, but he failed miserably to prove that Sarah Palin is intelligent.

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