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Published:December 20th, 2010 10:59 EST
golden retriever puppies

Outrage: Cop Shoots And Kills Beloved Family Pooch

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A Clayton County mother of six said the family dog did what he always did when he saw someone. He barked.

But when `Boomer` started barking and running toward a police officer Saturday morning, the officer shot the dog and killed it, Lawrence King told the AJC Sunday night.

golden retriever puppies

`He`s a golden retriever,` King said. "He barks, but he`s never bitten anyone."

A Clayton County police officer was on foot patrol on North Shore Drive when the dog jumped off a porch and started barking and running toward the officer, Capt. Tina Daniel said. The officer ordered the dog to stop and when it didn`t, the officer shot and killed the animal in its yard, Daniel said."

A police officer is supposed to serve and protect the community, and that includes our animal friends. Boomer will be missed by his family and all the kids in the neighborhood.

Boomer barked, and the cop panicked and shot him to death. The cowardly cop claims he ordered the dog to stop, and when it didn`t he blew him away. A canine isn`t going to obey the command of a stranger, and Boomer was going to stop in a few moments anyway because the family had an electric fence around their property.

The clueless cop was responding to a call reporting a suspicious person. Thank goodness the cop didn`t find a suspicious person, he may have shot the suspect because he was afraid of him.

The Clayton County police department should release the name of the police officer, so he can feel the wrath of the community.

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