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Published:December 20th, 2010 11:58 EST
amy winehouse

Sloppy Drunk Amy Winehouse Plays Private Party In Moscow For 1 Million

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Amy Winehouse turned up on stage drunk at a Moscow gig last night where she was playing in front of Russia`s rich and famous for a one million payment.

amy winehouse

The 27-year-old singer is heard muttering some words to bandmates before launching into her first song Cupid, and is then seen swaying unsteadily throughout.

According to sources the singer had knocked back a whole bottle of whiskey in her hotel room before appearing on stage.

She also ordered 4 bottles of hairspray."

With her beehive do drenched in hairspray, and alcohol fumes emanating from her maw, it`s a miracle Amy Winehouse didn`t ignite into a huge fireball when she lit up her cigarette.

It`s also surprising that Amy made it out of Russia alive, the crazy chanteuse was playing before Russia`s oligarchs (read: organized crime leaders), and they could have put a hit on her for being sloppy drunk. But I guess, that like everyone else in the world, they are resigned to the fact that Winehouse seems incapable of showing up for a performance sober.

Winehouse is planning on a major comeback next year, it looks like the troubled crooner still has a long way to go.

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