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Published:December 20th, 2010 10:07 EST

Sonic Booms Make Israeli Crocs Go Into Mating Mode

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Sonic booms created by Israeli warplanes speeding across the sky are having the unintended consequence of launching hibernating crocodiles into mating mode, the daily Maariv reported on Sunday.


`The powerful squealing noises, reminiscent of the sound of a car braking, can be heard from hundreds of metres (yards) around,` David Golan, head of crocodile breeding at the Hamat Gader park, told Maariv." AFP

I pray that sonic booms don`t have the same effect on hippos; Oprah Winfrey`s mating call is something that I never, ever, want to hear.

Pandas have a hard time mating in captivity; maybe the Chinese can fly warplanes over zoos where the beautiful animals are kept.

Despite their caterwauling when the warplanes break the sound barrier, there hasn`t been a population boom. The crocs are all bark, and no bite, they get the females all hot and bothered for nothing.

I once lived in an apartment with paper-thin walls, and not even a series of sonic booms could stop my randy neighbors from their noisy lovemaking sessions. It would have been great if that amorous couple had a mating season like crocs; I would have loved a few months of peace and quiet.

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