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Published:December 21st, 2010 16:05 EST

Video: Millions Of Residents In Moscow Terrified By Strange Halo In The Sky

By Robert Paul Reyes

UFO`s and strange sights in the sky are usually seen by only a few people, but millions of residents in Moscow witnessed a strange circle in the sky.


I have seen the YouTube video several times and if I witnessed such a phenomenon in the sky over my small city, I wouldn`t be so quick to dismiss it as an optical illusion. I would be scared out of my wits, and I would call the police, the FBI, the CIA, and for good measure the EPA.

The residents of Moscow should demand a logical explanation from their government, they shouldn`t be appeased by the explanation offered by the Moscow weather forecast service.

Watch the video. and make up your own mind! Optical illusion? Extraterrestrial shenanigans?

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