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Published:December 23rd, 2010 21:09 EST
Glorious Bangladesh

Glorious Bangladesh

By Md Mahmudul Hasan, Immigration Lawyer, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Glorious Bangladesh

Sacrificing the lives of three million people,

The COUNTRY which has been gained,

Sacrificing the chastity of two hundred thousand women,

The COUNTRY which has been acquired,

Do you know what is the name of this country?

This is Bangladesh,

The glorious country of the world.


British Government repressed our people,

Applying many notorious-rules,

They applied Dive and Rule Policy

To break the glorious Hindu-Muslim Brotherhood.


Fighting against British Colony,

We evicted them at last,

Then we got an independent country,

It was the glorious year 1947.


Being a part of an independent country,

We were called East Pakistan,

Although West Pakistan would recognize us as their part,

But their mind was fully colonial.

First they attacked on  our Mother Language,

Denying the public sentiment,

The Bengali people sacrificed blood for mother language,

It was the glorious 21st February 1952.

UNESCO declared the International Mother Language Day,

It is the 21st February,

This is the acquisition by Bengalis blood,

The world community do you know?


West Pakistan started repression,

Creating many unlawful discrimination,

East Pakistan protested against it,

Then West Pakistan started devastation.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman won the election,

Legally he was the Prime Minister of East and West Pakistan,

But West Pakistan denied it to accept,

To continue colonial-style repression on East Pakistan.

Denying the sentiment of East Pakistan`s people,

The West Pakistan was prepared,

Then they started killing the East Pakistanis,

It was on 25th March 1971.


Being repressed by the West Pakistan,

The East Pakistanis understand,

There is no alternative of liberation war,

To save the soul of their motherland.


Sacrificing the blood of a sea,

We have gained precious independence,

We have gained an independent Bangladesh,

With the history of glorious revolution.


Being the people of independent Bangladesh,

We are fully determined,

We will work for the welfare of the human being,

The peace process will never be nullified.


Being the part of world development,

Our country is in progress,

We love and feel our motherland,

This is our glorious Bangladesh.



Written By

Md. Mahmudul Hasan