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Published:December 23rd, 2010 11:40 EST
virgin mary

A Miracle Or Malarkey: Lady Sees Virgin Mary In Candle Wax

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A California woman says her candle wax had melted into an image of what looked to her like the Virgin Mary when she finished praying the rosary.
virgin mary

Mari Valenzuela of Alhambra said she began saying the rosary on a nightly basis a few months ago but she never noticed anything unusual until she completed the prayer Dec. 4 and looked and the candle she had previously lit, KTLA-TV, Los Angeles, reported Wednesday.

Valenzuela said the 6-inch candle appears to have the image of the Virgin Mary kneeling and praying."


One dude`s Virgin Mary is another dude`s porn star. Mari`s candle looks like the Virgin Mary because she`s a devout Catholic who always has the Virgin Mary on her mind. If a dude was watching porn by candlelight, chances are his candle would look like his favorite adult movie star. Mari`s Mary looked like she was kneeling and praying, the porn lover`s candle would look like she was kneeling and doing something quite different.

I don`t mean to disparage Mari`s faith; I`m making the point that we interpret circumstances and events in our lives by the prism of our philosophical point of view.

I hope that Mari`s "miracle" will compel her to do good works, and to be a blessing to others this Christmas. Anyone who starts seeing porn stars in a piece of toast or a candle, needs to lay off the porn, and be a blessing to others instead of being consumed with fulfilling his carnal desires.

Valenzuela said she is keeping the candle in her refrigerator to keep it from melting. Religious icons will melt and decay, but good deeds last forever. Do something nice for someone today.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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