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Published:December 23rd, 2010 21:03 EST
The Top 10 Internet Memes of the Decade

The Top 10 Internet Memes of the Decade

By Inactive Writer

Since the inception of the Internet, many users have used its enormous capabilities for researching worthy causes, getting an A on that ball-breaking midterm, and expanding knowledge.

rickrollFor the rest of us, there are Internet memes - highly popular concepts that spread like wildfire via the Internet in image, text based, cultural reference or video form.

For those of you that have ever made a LOLcat image, flown in a ROFLcopter or giggled as a colleague tried to escape another RickRoll, you know what I mean, For those of you who actually lead productive lives, keep reading for further explanation regarding my own list of the top 10 memes of the decade.

10. LOLcats

LOLcats are a type of image macro in which someone takes a cute or unusual picture of a cat and tacks a clever, usually intentionally misspelled tagline on it to compound the cuteness.

This kind of thing actually started in the 1870s by British photographer Harry Pointer, but was first used in the form of "LOLcats" on 4chan in 2005. Since then, it has spawned numerous picture books, countless laughs and an innumerable amount of wasted time.

9. The Shock Sites

Since leading an unsuspecting victim into a room full of anuses would likely get you hurt in real life, Internet pranksters took to the Interwebz to get this done. Many of you know what I am referring to - Goatse. The point of a shock site is a simple bait-and-switch - person A sends person B what he calls a link to awesome car crashes. Person B clicks said link and is greeted with an image of old men fornicating, a gaping anus or some other disgusting image intended to - you guessed it - shock. As juvenile as this is, I can`t help but laugh when the newer generation stumbles upon these things. I`d rather not link you to such filth, but you can always Google search these various shock sites for further reference.

8. Numa Numa

A fat guy sitting in front of a camera lip-syncing words to a Moldovan pop song - what could be more entertaining than that? Words cannot express the overall grandeur of this one:


This here was a madly popular cry echoed by millions in the wake of Britney Spears` problems with... Well, just about everything. This wasn`t cried in support of her, though - it was spawned by gender-confused Internet vlogger Chris Crocker. Sick and tired of the media scrutiny bestowed upon troubled starlet Spears, Crocker took to the Interwebz to defend her the only way he/she knew how: Frantically crying and screaming. A wig, a crotch shot and a divorce later, Britney is... Well, Britney, and Crocker is forever etched in Internet lore.

6. 2 Girls, 1 Cup

This phenomenon was an instance of something being so horrendously and egregiously disgusting that you just HAD to watch it, lest you be out of the loop and rendered terminally unhip. Upon watching it, I quickly wondered how this could be so popular - I mean, who hasn`t seen two arguably hot women eat each others fecal mater and vomit? Then came the reaction videos - people posting videos of their shocked, sickened and mortified reactions to the very sight of this video. People were seemingly infatuated with not only watching the barf buffet, but watching people react to it. Awesome Internet togetherness, or indication of our culture`s slow decay? You be the judge.

5. Don`t Tase Me, Bro!

This here was a video of a loudmouthed idiot named Andrew Meyer getting tased by police at a speech Senator John Kerry was giving at the University of Florida in 2007. Meyer walked up to a microphone and demanded that Kerry listen to him speak - the other mics had been shut off. This defiant, arrogant television journalism student began barking into the microphone as police carried him off. He was saved by Kerry, who told police to allow him to ask a question.

Now, you`d THINK he`d be grateful, but instead he used the time bestowed upon him to talk about a bunch of superfluous crap. After using the term "blowjob" to refer to President Clinton,, they cut his mic off. He went nuts, resisted arrest and uttered the now-famous words "DON`T TASE ME BRO!" They tased him. Some applauded, some cried "EXCESSIVE FORCE," all were entertained.

4. Advice Dog, Courage Wolf and numerous spinoffs

"GET DRUNK. FIND A GUN. STEAL THE CANDY FROM THE MEDICINE CABINET." These are just a couple of captions used on the colorful image macro of the Advice Dog. It was apparently started in 2006 on - you guessed it - the wasteland known as 4chan. Since the Advice Dog, there have been other incarnations of Advice Dog, such as Courage Wolf, Pokeparents, Philosoraptor and Socially Awkward Penguin.


This popular time-wasting phenomenon was spawned from the MTV show "Pimp My Ride." The point is simple: On Pimp My Ride, they would put some interesting things in interesting places on cars, such as monitors on the bumpers, gaming tables and fish tanks in the backseat and other indications of excess popularized by overpaid celebrities. So, sometime in 2007, the "YO DAWG" image macro was created. It follows a simplistic formula, really: "Yo dawg, I herd u like cars so we put a car in yo car so u can drive while u drive." Cars, of course, is replaced with anything, as well as the verbs that follow. The  text is superimposed on a picture of Xzibit, the show`s host, and is sometimes Photoshopped to match the subject matter of the particular "YO DAWG."

2. Trololo

This massively popular 1976 video features Russian singer Eduard Khil happily, almost manically vocalizing seemingly random non-lexical sounds to the tune of a song that originally had lyrics called "I Am Glad, Cause I`m Finally Returning Back Home." However, the song`s lyrics were dubbed "unsoviet" by the Soviet Artistic Council and Khil had to make some up on the fly. In lieu of writing new lyrics due to time constraints, Khil took to the stage with this:

The popularity of the video has inspired Eduard Khil to call upon the world to write their own lyrics for the song, and has sparked new interest in his singing career - the same effect encountered by my favorite internet meme of the decade to date:

1. RickRolling

If you have never been RickRoll`d in your life, allow me the pleasure:

President Obama caught picking his nose! OMG!

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