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Published:December 24th, 2010 12:26 EST
amy winehouse

Ronnie Spector Thinks Amy Winehouse's Hair Is An Ungodly Mess

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The most important thing about a bouffant is that it stands up straight. I feel bad about Amy Winehouse. Her hair is sort of tilted, like the Tower of Pisa. That`s the only bad thing about her. I love her voice. I`m just worried about her hair going to the side." --Ronnie Spector

amy winehouse

I`m also worried about Amy Winehoues`s hair, the troubled singer may be harboring a couple of undocumented workers, a rat`s nest and a crack house in her bouffant do. Who knows, Jimmy Hoffa may be buried in there somewhere. Amy`s ratty hair should be declared a disaster area by the EPA, and she should be forced to shave her head bald.

Amy`s hair is sort of tilted, but who the heck can tell when booze and drugs make her stumble and lean over all the time.

But it`s what`s underneath Amy`s hair that really troubles me, the troubled singer`s drug-addled mind is what should concern her family, friends and fans. Amy`s drunken performance at a private party for which she was paid a cool million shows that she still hasn`t overcome her addictions.

Amy please get some help, you are a very gifted singer and you owe your fans a drug and alcohol-free performance.

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