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Published:December 25th, 2010 10:55 EST

Italian Cop Dressed As Santa Arrests Mobster

By Robert Paul Reyes

Father Christmas had a bad surprise in store on Thursday for a suspected Sicilian mafia member -- an arrest for racketeering.


A policeman dressed as Father Christmas nabbed the man in a sting operation as he was coming out of a shop where he had extracted some protection money. Read More

On Christmas Santa hands out gifts to everyone indiscriminately, he doesn`t care if they are saints or sinners, good little boys and girls or evil street urchins. Santa loves everyone including Sicilian mafia members; he probably even loves priests and televangelists.

It is blasphemous for a cop dressed as Santa to arrest anyone; it goes against everything that Christmas represents. It`s as bad as if a vice cop dressed like Jesus tried to entrap a prostitute.

To add insult to injury the mobster arrested is a member of the Santapaola mafia clan. I`m not making this stuff up "

The cops are just wasting their time, the mob reigns supreme in Sicily; the mobster will be out of prison in time for Christmas dinner.

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