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Published:December 25th, 2010 12:25 EST
santa claus

Lucky Dude In Texas Named Santa Claus!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A North Texas man named Santa Claus said he is `proud` of his `unusual` name and enjoys dressing up as the jolly old elf during the holiday season.

Santa Michael Claus, 63, of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, whose blond hair long ago turned white like the Santa of legend, said his mother, Irene Claus, allowed his then-15-year-old sister, Wanda, to choose his name when he was born in 1947, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Friday."


In Muslim countries there are millions of males named "Mohammad" after the Prophet Mohammad, and in Mexico and Latin American nations there are millions named "Jesus" after Jesus Christ. I`m surprised that in America there aren`t millions named Santa after the beloved figure that we love more than Jesus and Mohammad combined.

Santa Michael Claus should be forever grateful to his mother for naming him Santa. I wish my mom had named me Santa, or Jesus or Tinky Winky.

Santa even looks like the real Santa with a huge belly, and hair as white as snow.

Merry Christmas Santa, you lucky dog!

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