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Published:December 26th, 2010 13:45 EST

Is Sarah Palin The Dumbest Person Ever To Consider Running For President?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Fox News contributor Juan Williams said Sunday that Sarah Palin `can`t stand on the intellectual stage` with President Obama.

Williams, in his role as an analyst on Fox News Sunday, was breaking down the Republican presidential field, which he saw as weak.

"There`s nobody out there, except for Sarah Palin, who can absolutely dominate the stage, and she can`t stand on the intellectual stage with Obama," Williams said.

I realize that Williams, like Palin is a Fox News contributor, but please! Juan Williams shouldn`t tread lightly when discussing the intellectual deficiencies of Palin.

Williams doesn`t want to embarrass a fellow Fox employee, but what`s the excuse of the other gonads-challenged commentators who don`t call a spade a spade?

Politicians and pundits treat Palin with kids gloves for fear of being labeled a misogynist. Talking heads go through grammatical gymnastics trying to imply that Palin is intellectually-challenged.

I have been accused of being everything but a child of God; I have nothing to lose by stating that Palin is a bloomin` idiot. If President Obama is on the stage, Palin should be hiding under the stage writing notes on her hand.

If Sarah Palin somehow, someway, becomes the next President of the United States, my conscience is clear. Unlike most commentators and bloggers, I have been faithful to my calling.

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