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Published:December 27th, 2010 16:47 EST
Will Says... Keep Doing a Good Job Mr. Pres. and This Humorist Will Be Asking for a Job!

Will Says... Keep Doing a Good Job Mr. Pres. and This Humorist Will Be Asking for a Job!

By Will Roberts

Well now anyhow, looks likes our president has flown the coop! Headed out of Dodge and to the big island of Hawaii. Now, I can tell you from my trips to the Island of Maui that it certainly beats the cold and snowy DC. Plus, after the political blizzard of the November elections and the last few weeks, you could have told the President you were giving him a trip to a California border city to work the fence and I bet he would jumped on it!

Looking at the reports that come out on our President, (every 10 mins. it seems) shows that although Mr. Obama might be in paradise, it`s going to be stormy weather the whole time. I don`t want to be the bearer of bad tidings; the person that brings your attention to the fact that the bad weather seems to be following him. Mr. Obama, I have a suggestion, before it hits the papers, blame the Republicans; otherwise they will use it against you in the 2012 elections. Of course, you know Republicans will blame the Democrats and say you made god work during the holiday season to create that rain in Hawaii. But the fact of the matter is you should be able to enjoy the Christmas season now that you have wrapped up most of the lame duck session.

Which brings me to the bone I have to pick with you. One of the biggest issues facing Americans today is unemployment. 9%..., whatever and climbing. This and the sack full of potatoes you and the Republicans have been mashing has made my job as a humorist a piece of cake, a walk in the park, until now. See, up until you decided to make this the most productive lame duck session it was easy to poke fun at the Republicans and certain Democrats (the ones that jumped ship [YOUR SHIP] i.e. the gulf oil spill and that drill baby drill, the lack of bills passed, the birther stuff, tea partiers, ... These are sure laugh lines... Now, they are not. It is easier to poke fun at folks who are serious about humorous situations. But now, with all you have done, we just can`t laugh at the folk that were making fun of you. We feel sorry for them... So, in the last few days you have wiped out all possibilities of humor. Hence, putting me out of work as a humorist.

I hope you, Michelle, Sasha & Malia have a very Merry Christmas and safe Holiday season. But, do you think when you get back to work you can see about rubbing the Republicans wrong. If not I may just be asking you for a job soon, like Director of Presidential dog walking or Director of Homeland Humor services.

- Will Roberts

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