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Published:December 28th, 2010 13:37 EST
cop pooch

Calif. Sheriff's Department Dog Calendar A Big Hit!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A California sheriff`s department said its calendar doesn`t have beefy pictures of officers, it has action shots of K-9 unit members.

cop pooch

The Sacramento County Sheriff`s Department said the $20 calendars, available at, features action shots of K-9 unit dogs and their handlers, the Sacramento Bee reported Monday."


We`re all familiar with fire department calendars that feature shirtless firemen posing next to a fire engine, but their appeal is limited to the female sex. The sheriff`s department K-9 calendar has a broader appeal, who doesn`t love man`s best friend?

Dudes if your bring home a calendar of scantily-clad flight attendants, you might get in trouble with your better half. But you won`t be in the dog house if you bring home this calendar.

This calendar highlights the important roles that canines play in law enforcement. Most people don`t realize that police dogs track and apprehend criminals, conduct area searches, search for narcotics and explosives, and join their human partners when attacking a building where criminals are holed up.

If you want to purchase a calendar go to:

Proceeds from the calendar sales go to the non-profit Sacramento Sheriff K9 Association.

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