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Published:December 30th, 2010 14:12 EST
poor pooch

Rebel The German Shepherd Puppy Gets Head Stuck In Wall!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"California animal rescue officers were called in after an eight-month old German Shepherd dog mysteriously got his head stuck in a wall this week.

poor pooch

Stricken pooch Rebel was found whimpering with his head sticking out one side of the 18-inch thick wall in Desert Hot Springs, east of Los Angeles, while his body remained firmly on the other.


Cats are very curious and it`s not unusual for them to get trapped or entangled in all sorts of objects. Dogs aren`t quite as curious, they will sniff things, not out of curiously, but to determine if they are edible.

It`s unusual to find a pooch in this sort of a predicament, Rebel makes a pathetic looking sight with his head stuck in the wall. Rebel is still a puppy, and can be forgiven for making a spectacle of himself.

It took 30 minutes to free the trapped canine, but I`m sure it felt like 30 hours for Rebel. The dog`s elevator doesn`t reach to the top of his pointy ears, I hope his owner fills in the hole so he won`t get trapped again.

Kudos to the Department of Animal Services in Riverside County for rescuing this cute pooch.

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