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Published:December 31st, 2010 13:19 EST

Evil Owner Fails To Spare Bull Who Escaped On Its Way To Slaughter

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Authorities in Pennsylvania said a 900-pound bull escaped on its way to slaughter and led them on a two-mile chase before being shot and killed by its owner.


The animal`s owner, Wayne Myers of Bald Top, said he was taking the 2-year-old bull to the butcher when it somehow escaped from its trailer while he was stopped at a red light, The (Danville, Pa.) Daily Item reported Thursday."


I enjoy hamburgers as much as everyone else, but a bull who escapes on its way to slaughter has earned the right to live the rest of its life grazing grass and doing whatever the hell it is that bulls do.

The poor creature should have been shot with a tranquilizer gun, and carted off to a zoo or an animal sanctuary.

"That was going to be meat for the rest of the year. Now it will just be hamburger." Myers said after killing his bull. That`s a heroic animal that was running for its life, and if Myers had a shred of human dignity and compassion he would have spared its life.

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