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Published:December 31st, 2010 11:00 EST
How Could the 'Crossbow Cannibal' Be A PHD Candidate In Serial Killers? Duh, Hint Hint!

How Could the 'Crossbow Cannibal' Be A PHD Candidate In Serial Killers? Duh, Hint Hint!

By John G. Kays

The case of Stephen Griffiths in England is most bizarre. And what`s even odder is that he wasn`t caught many years before last May. It`s not like he was trying to hide any of this. And can you imagine a PHD candidate majoring in serial killer studies and nobody takes notice? No red flags are raised? The quibble here is that Stephen didn`t want to study serial killers in order to see how they operated, with possible solutions to their maladies in mind; rather he saw them as role models, he aspired to become one!

crossbow cannibal

For the Crossbow Cannibal the Yorkshire Ripper was a hero, a role model who he aspired to emulate. Griffiths was diagnosed as Crackers 19 years ago, according to The Telegraph. In 1991 he attacked a supermarket manager and subsequently told a probation officer he had fantasies about being a serial killer. A psychiatrist diagnosed him as a sadistic, schizoid, psychopath. "  After holding a knife to a girl`s throat he was given a two-year sentence. In 1992 he brandished a knife in public. A pattern is established.

Yet nothing was done, he was given probation again. God only knows what this Sicko has been doing over the past nineteen years? We do know much of it now. His flat in Bradford, which is near the city of Leeds, in Northern England, is filled with books on serial killers. And a librarian had reported to the cops that he was studying books on how to dismember a body at the library. Get it, hint, hint?

But no one noticed enough to stop this monster before he killed six women. The last three are fully, carefully documented for you, and the first three are from a confession. I believe him, don`t you? And what about his MO of using this crossbow? Where did he get this from? I don`t recall any crossbow killers stalking the streets of England or the USA, for that matter? I suspect he got the dismemberment bit from Jeffrey Dahmer, who never let go of his victims until they were boiled down to bone and muscle, only a basket of human remains.

I`ll not flesh out for you the well documented murders of the last three women, Shelly Armitage, Susan Rushworth and Suzanne Blamires, the gruesomeness is all too much for you tp bear this early in the morning! However, if your curiosity is so strong, the be-spectacle of carnage surging, I`ll refer you to the some half a dozen articles from The Daily Mirror. I`ll link for you the last one, as a courtesy, which has the video of Griffiths shooting the bird to the camera while raising his grizzly crossbow.

All the details of these unfortunate events in England must be gathered together if you care to make any sense of this madness. You may choose to avert your eyes to these sordid travails and I wouldn`t blame you if you feel that way. I join you in a vociferous repulsion, a consummate rejection of this jackass who panders to the camera, who seemingly, willingly kills innocent women only so his rotten mug will hang protrusively in Rogues Gallery.

Griffiths played up to the surveillance cameras like a Reality TV Star grabbing up the limelight and positioning himself for an afterlife in the Bad Boys Hall of Infamy. Griffiths was an exhibitionist of the highest order from the get go! Stephen was a carefully orchestrated one man band of foul crime, a dastardly bastard. Still, I`m dumbfounded by an evident lack of prevention, either on the part of the law, or from the small group of people who crossed his path of pathos. Many of these people lived on the fringes themselves, were drug addicts or prostitutes. His flat was located in the red light district of Bradford. He made no attempt to disguise his misdeeds, why didn`t anyone notice for God`s sake?

If you`re still in school, you might make inquiries the next time you sip some coffee in the student union with a serial killer PHD candidate. I think I would notice this, it sticks out like a sore thumb. And other maniacs are popping up on video, like the strangler in Philadelphia. Do they long to be featured on the prodigious medley of talk shows, and thereby be seen by millions? This seems to be the case with the Honeymoon Killer. And now it looks like the Crossbow Cannibal had a plan well "executed` to assure his immortality; but maybe we, as a society, will reap our revenge, and forget this bufoonish bloke fifteen minutes hence!

Crossbow Cannibal video on the Daily Mirror