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Published:January 1st, 2011 13:56 EST
lab puppies

Baltimore Police Rescue Labrador From Cold Harbor

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Baltimore police said members of the marine unit jumped into the Inner Harbor to rescue Penny, a black Labrador mix, from the cold winter water.

lab puppies

One officer, Americus Rambeau, said he donned his cold-water rescue suit and swam under two piers to reach Penny Wednesday night after the canine ran away from her home and plunged into the water, The Baltimore Sun reported Friday.

`It was the right thing to do. (Penny) was struggling. Exhausted,` Rambeau said."


I commend the members of the Baltimore police marine unit for their professionalism and dedication, they could have looked the other way and allowed Penny to drown, but they did the right thing.

Penny is just 1-year-old, she can be forgiven for running away from home and taking a swim in the cold Inner Harbor.

Cops know that a dog is man`s best friend, most police departments have a K-9 unit. Canines provide us with so much love and happiness, whenever we see a pooch in danger we must do everything within our power to save it.

Penny has been returned to her owner, and let`s hope that the playful puppy won`t get any more urges to go swimming.

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