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Published:January 2nd, 2011 17:04 EST
The Verdict is in on the Favre, Jenn Sterger Drama

The Verdict is in on the Favre, Jenn Sterger Drama

By Ron G Anselm

     For anyone that has been following this case over the last decade or should I say probably six months or so, it seems like it has taken about a decade to finally get the final answer on what will happen to Favre once the NFL conducted the final part of the investigation on the inappropriate behavior charges filed by Jenn Sterger against him.

     Since this has been an ongoing story and there has not been much media attention on it, most of you probably have forgotten about a lot of details that were involved and presented in the case. Here`s a short recap.

     Jenn Sterger who is a former New York Jets media personality filed charges against Brett Favre claiming inappropriate behavior by an NFL player. She stated he basically sent her inappropriate text messages and at one time supposedly sent her a photo of his gentiles when Favre was still playing for the Jets in 2008.

     The NFL found out and opened an investigation into the charges filed by Sterger. Both parties hired a lawyer and the investigation was off and running. In the beginning stages just like with any organization that opens an investigation against employees, there were interviews by the NFL security and long and boring interviews with Favre and Sterger by top management of the NFL.

     All the details of the case were sorted out and given to Roger Goodell who is the Commissioner of the NFL to review and make his mind up as to if the details were creditable evidence to warrant enough against Favre to dish out punishment and fines. The clock was also ticking on the investigation because the NFL season was at the time of the major part of the investigation winding down and if any punishment, suspensions, etc, were to be given to Favre it had to come with time left in the season for Favre to be able to serve his punishment.

     Also, Favre looks like he is probably going to retire for good after this season, so if he was going to serve punishment on this case it would have to happen basically now. Well, the investigation was concluded recently and a fine of $50,000 was handed to Favre, not because he was found guilty of the Sterger charges and allegations filed against him but because Roger Goodell the NFL Commissioner stated that Favre basically refused to cooperate fully on this investigation.

      I mean, what does Favre care? He can certainly afford any fine given to him and if he is going to retire for good this time, why woud he have to worry about being suspended? Also, the way Favre has played this year and the many injuries he has sustained over the past weeks, he would probably welcome being suspended anyway to be able to take a break from the pounding he keeps taking when standing in the pocket as the Vikings Offensive line collapses all around him and the protection disappears and he once again gets sacked.

     The question that is now out there on the final outcome of this investigation, was Favre given preferential treatment because he is Brett Favre? Probably, but it really does not matter anymore. The case is concluded and the NFL season is at a close. The Vikings are not going anywhere this year and Favre will probably not be taking hits by the defensive line next year because he will more than likely retire for good this time, but you never know we are talking about Brett Favre here.

      The one good and positive note that did come out of this investigation and drama is that Goodell is going to update and issue policy changes with all NFL teams when it comes to the NFL harassment policy. Any organization whether in professional sports or everyday business should have good harassment policies that hold employees accountable to maintain  a workplace that is free from harassment, hostility and to have a work environment that treats everyone with respect and everyone is given a chance to help and be a team player in that organizations goals.

     It is kind of sad for Favre to be playing in his last NFL season and have all the negative publicity of this investigation happen at the close of what once was a MVP and Hall of Fame career. It looks like now that the long time fans of the game won`t be saying when Favre finally does retire and isn`t taking snaps by the center anymore how Favre was not only a great player in his prime and on top of that a great example for people and kids to model after but rather what the Hell happened to a once role model in his last days as a player? 

     Yes, Favre will be remembered for his great statistics and memorable moments over the years but will probably also always carry that mud stain with his name because of this investigation against him by Sterger but the fans should remember the meaning of the game and the players that give the game the meaning that the fans remember and that meaning is who the player was and what he accomplished when he was playing on the gridiron, not any drama that happened off the field should ever stay attached to that players name when it comes to what that player accomplished during his playing days on the field.

     There will always be drama in professional sports whether we are hearing in the media about steroid use or how some player was arrested for gun possession or domestic violence but what really counts to me is how the player played the game. Favre to me was probably one of the legends of the game behind Fran Tarketon and Roger Staubach and should be able to retire with emphasis on his statistics not how he sent inappropriate text messages if he did so. I am not saying that if he did that it was right but rather focus on what is important here when a player retires that was worth anything to the game.