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Published:January 4th, 2011 14:18 EST

Cats Find Refuge In Hermitage Gallery In St. Petersburg, Russia

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Caretakers for cats inhabiting the famous Hermitage Gallery in St. Petersburg, Russia, said there are currently 50 felines in the palace`s basement.


The volunteer cat lovers said the facility, which was once home to Catherine the Great, has housed felines since they were brought in centuries ago to keep vermin from damaging works of art, Sky News reported."


The Russians are a warm and loving people as demonstrated by their love for cats. I can`t imagine a museum in the United States that would allow cats to find refuge from the cold in the basement.

These Russian kitty cats aren`t are not only given shelter from the brutal Russian winter, but they are also fed and shown affection. The cats aren`t simply tolerated, they are treated like princes and princesses.

The felines are works of art and the Hermitage Gallery should conduct tours of the basement to give people a chance to see the wonderful creatures.

This heartwarming story makes me want to visit the wonderful country of Russia.

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