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Published:January 5th, 2011 12:49 EST
Brett Favre's Legacy is Not Tarnished

Brett Favre's Legacy is Not Tarnished

By Inactive Writer

Brett Favre is arguably the greatest quarterback of all time in the National Football League. That`s all anyone needs to remember.


301 games, 297 consecutive starts, 71,775 passing yards, 507 touchdowns - and yes, 334 interceptions. That`s a lot of numbers, and by no surprise he holds the NFL record for many of those things, minus games played. He`s a three-time MVP and was selected to play in the Pro Bowl 11 times. He is also the first player to become a grandfather while actively playing in the NFL. I had to throw that in there.

So what`s this crap I stumbled upon from Kurt Warner? The former quarterback and grocery store clerk told the NFL Network:

I think he did [tarnish his legacy]. Not only this season, but the last few seasons, going back and forth [on retirement] and bouncing to a few different teams. I think about it, and I have to really think hard to think back to when he was a Green Bay Packer and when he played his best football and was in Super Bowls and when he became the Brett Favre we all know."

Well, personally, the first thing I think of when I think Kurt Warner is how he kept giving God all the credit for his offensive line`s hard work in Arizona. The guy is a sententious cretin.

So, this is the question at hand: Did Brett Favre tarnish his legacy? Only if you let it. If you`re foolish enough to let his indecision on his playing future put a mark on all of the things he`s achieved in the NFL, perhaps you should go watch The Golf Channel.

One of the main reasons people give me for not loathing Michael Jordan for coming out of retirement TWICE is pretty simple: "He`s such a big part of the game! He`s done so much for the NBA - they needed him!" Well, what`s considered "doing a lot" for the NFL? Being great? I think Favre has that locked in - need I remind you of his statistics again? Sure, Favre has a lot of interceptions on top of his many records, but hell, even Jordan holds part of the NBA record for most personal fouls in one quarter. And, might I also beg this question: Did you SEE his Hall of Fame acceptance speech? No humility, no grace - just a whole lot of blame and "I told you so."

There are the people who complained because he was basking in the media spotlight as a result of his indecision. I will admit - after a time, I was getting mildly annoyed with the media firestorm around his decision. Here`s the thing - the MEDIA has to shoulder some of the culpability for this. Sure, if he wasn`t so indecisive, the media wouldn`t have to report on it, but they didn`t have to take it as far as they did. It could have remained a rarely-mentioned note on the little ticker bar that scrolls beneath the newscast, but the reporters chose to run as far as they did with it. If you really want to see a gross showing of arrogance surrounding a decision, refer to LeBron James` takeover of ESPN regarding his decision on signing with a team last year. Favre had cameras in his face and a GM pressuring him to make a decision regarding his future with the Packers - give him a damn break. Also, he played professional football for many years; it was his life. It can`t be easy to make a decision about something that you put your entire life into. Need I remind you - 297 consecutive starts? That`s a lot of pain to play through, so I don`t think his heart is in question. His indecision is still not as bad as the smelly porker ahead of me on line at the deli that spends 15 minutes mulling over the benefits of buying turkey over honey ham.

Speaking of cameras and speaking of "meat" - there was his "sexting" scandal between him and New York Jets Game day host Jenn Sterger. This is simply a non-issue, and I just mentioned why - it was between him and Jenn Sterger. If he wants to send pictures of his moneymaker to people who want it, who cares? She CLAIMS that she received the pictures of his wang out of nowhere and the messages were unwarranted, but do you really believe that? She waited a good long time to tell the Jets about the "harassment" because she didn`t have proper legal representation - really? Or, was she just waiting to find out that Brett didn`t want to go any further than pictures of his penis and whatever else they did behind the scenes because he`s married with children? The world may never know and they shouldn`t have to know. I don`t give a damn about a public figure`s personal life, and neither should you. Get a life.

I can also throw this in - the man continued to put up great numbers post-retirement. In 2009 with Minnesota, he posted the best completion percentage of his career and threw for 4,202 yards - his third-highest mark. The same can`t be said for the less-scrutinized-for-coming-out-of-retirement-twice Michael Jordan`s performance after his second comeback.

My point is simple - Brett Favre is the greatest NFL quarterback of all time, and I`m not going to let some wannabe scandal or indecision change that. I say if you achieve the things he has on the gridiron, you have a right to be indecisive. With that same greatness comes scrutiny and the desire to be made some kind of scapegoat - that`s all the Sterger business was in my eyes.

So, when Favre retires at the end of this season, I will be one of the many standing in front of my small television and applauding. I will be applauding the man, the legacy, and the accomplishments - I WILL be applauding Brett Favre.

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