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Published:January 5th, 2011 17:28 EST
pickle jar

Customer Subdues Robber With Pickle Jar!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A gunman who tried to rob a Milwaukee grocery was subdued when a customer hit him with a pickle jar, police said.

pickle jar

Lugman Asad told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel he was eating lunch in the back of the L&A Food Market around 3 p.m. Tuesday when he came out and saw a man pointing a gun to the head of his son, Wisam, the store owner.

Asad said he grabbed the gun from the man as he fired a shot."


Officers always advise store clerks and citizens to comply when an armed robber demands money, but once the bad guy starts shooting it`s a different scenario and different rules apply.

Asad should be commended for his remarkable heroism, he grabbed the gun from from the robber after he fired a shot. Three or four customers jumped on the gunman, and one hit him with a pickle jar. I`ve dropped a jar of pickles on my naked toe, and I`m not ashamed to say I cried like a schoolgirl whose pigtails have just been yanked by a bully. A jar of pickles is a formidable weapon; I hope the customer conked the gunman upside his head.

The robber is going to have a tough time in the Big House when his fellow convicts find out a civilian beat the hell out of him with a jar of pickles.

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