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Published:January 6th, 2011 10:01 EST
500 Seismic Tremors and The Death of Thousands of Birds and Fish:  Is This The End of Days?

500 Seismic Tremors and The Death of Thousands of Birds and Fish: Is This The End of Days?

By SOP newswire2

Here is an eye opening report from What follows is a brief synopsis and commentary.
Apparently there is more than meets the eye concerning the mysterious bird deaths in Arkansas as well as the numerous seismic shocks reported there since late summer. The Russians apparently were behind two separate `malfunctions` of a U.S. military plane carrying highly poisonous phosgene gas from Iraq which caused the gas to leak into the atmosphere killing thousands of birds and fish. The same [Russians] intimidated our key military arsenal in Arkansas to start disposing the phosgene gas that is stored there so that they injected it deep into the earth resulting in some 500 earth tremors that have occurred there since September.
John Wheeler III, former Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Air force confronted the Pentagon last week about their careless mishandling of the phosgene gas, after which he was found murdered and disposed in a landfill, this being reported on Fox News.
A special report on these happenings was put together for Prime Minister Putin last week. Apparently he wanted to make sure the `malfunctions` and `disposal` went according to plan. The KGB hold some of the key stations in our government now through which he and the Russians can execute their sneaky designs against us just as they did with the Polish airliner last year. Obama, a cradled Marxist, was carefully trained by the Russians 20 years ago so no doubt he had something to do with these `malfunctions` too.
David Martin