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Published:January 6th, 2011 10:18 EST
NC-BJP Conniving to Create Pollution in Jammu and Kashmir

NC-BJP Conniving to Create Pollution in Jammu and Kashmir

By SOP newswire2

Prof. Bhim Singh, Chairman JKNPP and Member of NIC today expressed deep concern on the connivance of ruling National Conference and BJP to create a communal divide in Jammu and Kashmir under one pretext or the other.

The Panthers Party Chairman questioned BJP`S sincerity in their slogans to hoist National Flag in Srinagar on 26th January 2011, knowing well that tri-colour on 26th January is hoisted officially by the appropriate authorities in every State capital of the country, including Srinagar and Jammu every year.

The Panthers Party workers have been hoisting National Flag ten times in a year whenever there is any occasion to demonstrate to show national integration. Couple of years back the Panthers Party organized a huge march from Lal Qila (Delhi) to Lal Chowk (Srinagar) with hundreds of tri-colours flags fluttering. Thousands of people received the tri-colours flags with beating of drums and long live India slogans. The Panthers Party Chief accused BJP leadership for sending a dangerous message to the people of the rest of the country as if Srinagar is under the `enemy control`.

Since Srinagar and whole of Jammu and Kashmir forms integral part of India, there is no reason to try to create national misunderstanding. Such a misadventure of BJP amounts to insult to the national sentiments of the Kashmiries as this creates doubt about the integrity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir which shall not be allowed. Prof. Bhim Singh said that NC and BJP have been playing this see saw game with the people to promote their respective political interest in Kashmir and Jammu. He said that BJP did not utterance a single word to express their view points on the assertion that Mr. Omar Abduulla made in Srinagar challenging the integration of J&K with the rest of the country.

Naturally Omar Abdullah was brought up in the lap of RSS leadership in Delhi and groomed as a Minister under the BJP umbrella. BJP has been trying to restore his lost credibility by using Omar Abdullah. "You scratched my back, I scratched yours". This is Omar offer to BJP.