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Published:January 7th, 2011 14:13 EST
police dog

Town Loves Fritz The Police Dog!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Southwestern Pennsylvania residents are rallying in support of a hometown victim of budget cuts -- the local police dog.

police dog

Officials in Jefferson Hills cut the funding for the canine program that supported Fritz, who rode in a patrol car with a handler and visited schools in campaigns to combat drug abuse.

The canine program cost about $7,000 a year but the handler earned as much as $30,000 extra for having the dog, said Police Chief Jack Maple. The canine program shut down in December."


It`s hard to get a town to rally around saving a historical monument or saving a school, but who doesn`t love a pooch? I wouldn`t give a dime to hire more police officers, but I would break open my piggy bank in support of a police dog.

A police dog won`t hang around inside a donut shop for hours while on the job, he won`t take bribes from drug dealers, and he won`t issue tickets just to meet his quota.

Let`s get real: Nobody loves cops! But Fritz is a goodwill ambassador who visits schools in campaigns to combat drug abuse. From a public relations perspective the cops can`t afford to cut funding for their canine program.

Save Fritz the police dog!

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