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Published:January 7th, 2011 11:36 EST
Upcoming 2011 TV Show: The Legend of Korra

Upcoming 2011 TV Show: The Legend of Korra

By Tony Graff

If you`re like me, Avatar: the Last Airbender is something fantastic. It`s one of my favorite shows, and more so because it wasn`t one of those kids` shows that never has an ending, and just dies off as less people watch it. 

This year, in November, the creators of Airbender are bringing us a spin off of the original series called Avatar: The Legend of Korra. It takes place seventy years after the ending of The Last Airbender, and follows the new Avatar, a strong willed girl from the Southern Water Tribe named Korra. She must journey to the Republic City to find an airbending master. Coincidently, it is the previous avatar Aang`s son, Tenzin. 

Republic City isn`t a city belonging to a single group of benders, like the Fire Nation or the Earth Kingdom, but a hive of all four and a new group, the anti-benders. It hasn`t been released why they hate anyone who can bend, but there`s certainly enough to cause trouble as Korra tries to master Airbending. To make up for the lack of bending ability, the Anti-benders live surrounded by the kind of technology that has steampunks the world over giddy to see the show. 

Many of the old characters, like Toph and Sokka will still be around, rumors say, which is going to be a big deal for anyone who loved the first show. 

Aside from a few scattered images, not much else has been released to the public. Reading what I could find, it wouldn`t surprise me that with great writers, and brilliant ideas, Avatar has the potential to be the children`s Doctor Who, and last for several more years.