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Published:January 8th, 2011 13:46 EST

Would You Stand In Line In Your Underwear For Free Clothes?

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hundreds of shoppers in Spain braved chilly weather to queue outside shops in their underwear on the first day of the winter sales Friday to take advantage of an offer of free clothes.


`Come in your underwear and get a free outfit`, so declared an offer by Spanish-based clothing retailer Desigual for the first 100 people to enter each of their stores in cities around the country -- Barcelona in the northeast, San Sebastian in the north and Marbella in the south.

In the capital Madrid, which launched its winter sales early, dozens of barely brave shoppers also did the same thing on Sunday."


Would you wait in line on a cold winter day in your underwear for free clothes? Times are hard and this is a tempting offer for many people.

If Desigual is the equivalent of K-Mart I would pass on the offer. But if it`s similar to Macy`s or another high-end retailer, I would check my drawers to make sure they were clean and I would get in line.

I might be embarrassed for the few minutes that I`m waiting in line, but I would get years of enjoyment out of the free clothes.

Times are so bad that I`m sure there are some folks who would stand in line completely naked for a free pair of underwear.