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Published:January 9th, 2011 10:37 EST

Sarah Palin's Alaska Not Renewed For Season Two

By Robert Paul Reyes

Aficionados of animal snuff films and fans of Sarah Palin will be disappointed to learn that "Sarah Palin`s Alaska" isn`t going to be renewed for a second season by TLC. The Lunatic Channel?

It`s an outrage that Palin`s program was named "Sarah Palin`s Alaska", the former beauty queen deserted Alaska for the brighter lights of Hollywood. Palin quit in the middle of her term, for no reason other than to cash in on her celebrity.


The show was savaged by animal rights activists for the brutal way in which Palin killed animals to hype the ratings, and to burnish her image as a tough conservative.

Palin`s reality show showcased her children, and her husband, Todd. The former governor of Alaska wants her family to follow in her footsteps, and become celebrities in their own right.

In one memorable episode Palin hosted Kate Gosselin and her brood of eight for a camping trip. Kate Gosselin sees herself as the queen of reality TV, and she didn`t take to kindly to Palin`s infringement on her turf. There was no chemistry between the two celebs, HBO would be well-advised to schedule a pay-per-view death match between the two divas.

Now if only Fox News would fire Palin, and the other cable news networks would stop covering her antics. Palin should be covered by "Entertainment Tonight", and not by news outlets.

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